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In this linked video, F3 Technologies, Inc.’s officers give a range of updates on F3 the company, on its individual software platforms — including expanded revenue models — and even on a new product that we aim to roll out in the next few months, Website Tournament. We look forward to posting more videos like these occasionally. Please feel free to share them via e-mail, social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and especially via your own channel on FargoTube.

Tune in to hear F3 Chief Operating Officer Paul Campbell and Tony Golden discussing advances in our Interaction Community Systems online communications and management application for homeowners associations and churches.

Paul explains how we’ve refocused Interaction‘s business model to expand our marketing outreach: automated registration and online demos in order to reach out to churches and individual HOAs in a manner that’s both more convenient for them and more cost-effective for us. This will also allow us more time to target property-management companies, thus reaching “not 100, but 1,000 or 10,000”  HOAs, as Paul put it.

Example management dashboard

Paul and Tony discuss the key function we’ve introduced for management companies: the ICS management dashboard. A dashboard is sort of a internal home page — the first screen that you see after logging into an online platform, which gives you an overview of all the functions available to you. I saw mine in WordPress after logging on and just before clicking through to create this post. F3 developed the management dashboard with input from property managers who want to get a more thorough and immediate understanding of what’s happening and what needs to be done in each of their HOAs.

ICS’s new automation, new marketing focus, new dashboard coincide with new payment processing capabilities and an updated and newly redesigned website. Please check it out after listening to Paul’s interview if you haven’t done so already.

Homeowner associations, property managers and churches can now create online communities in Interaction Community Systems with just a few clicks, thanks to a major update to ICS that live earlier this week.

We expect the automation to encourage more groups to create communities and begin using ICS. Moreover, this frees up time for F3 Technologies staff to focus on expanding the reach of all of our platforms, for example FargoTube and its potential to help musicians and other artists to develop their careers.

We included a few more details in the press release we put out this morning.

The update has been in development for several months and in intensive testing for a couple of weeks. We’ve added several new features along the way. All of this amounts big benefits — for ICS users, potential users, and for F3 Technologies.

F3 makes a point of continually revising and updating all three of its major platforms. Most recently, that has meant adding several new features to Interaction Community Systems. ICS now has everything from accounting and babysitting requests to recipe lists and video galleries. You can see several user views in this screenshot gallery.

We’re also adding new tools that allow professionals to manage multiple communities simply and efficiently. You can see these and other features of ICS’s management platform here.

F3 investors and readers have this blog have posed several good questions about Interaction Community Systems this week, so I’ll take a crack at answering them here.

We’ve continued to add new communities to ICS at a pace comparable to the modest pace we saw through 2009 and early 2010. Our current sales pipeline leads us to believe that this pace will continue for the next couple of months.

We believe the pace will pick up substantially this year after we introduce automation that makes registration easier and faster for individual communities and even property management companies with multiple communities. We’re on track to complete the automation and have it active by early February.

When the automation is active, we plan to beef up marketing for ICS, with a particular focus on direct marketing to property managers. One aspect of the update will let ICS users select communications and accounting modules. This will mean additional flexibility for our clients, more clients, and more revenue for F3 Technologies.

A regular reader asked us yesterday about F3’s three main platforms — Interaction Community Systems, FargoTube and the Interactive Defense System — and how we’re dividing our resources among them. It was a good question, so I’m posting the answer here.

While we continue to update and refine all three periodically, we have been putting somewhat more time into FargoTube and IDS than into ICS because the first two are new platforms and we’ve made a point of getting them up to speed. Furthermore, we believe these two are cutting-edge platforms. The markets for them are brand-new, with significant upsides, so it has been important to move quickly.

In contrast, Interaction Community Systems is one of several online management platforms for homeowners associations and other membership groups, and the relatively saturated state of that market may moderate ICS’s potential for growth.

Nonetheless, we believe ICS has significant advantages over its competitors, including the integrated nature of its accounting, paymenting, communications and management functions; and lower price points. These strengths make ICS an especially useful platform for property managers who want to manage and interact with their various communities efficiently. For this reason and because property managers have lower acquisition costs per dollar of revenue, we have been focusing more heavily on selling to property managers than to individual communities.

Additionally, we believe ICS is benefiting indirectly from our new focus on the IDS platform. IDS’s adoption by a city or law-enforcement agency acclimates residents of that city to an interface that is very similar to that of ICS. The two platforms can be linked quite easily in areas where community associations and public-safety agencies are using them.

Thank you to all of you who participated in our conference call yesterday afternoon. For those who weren’t able to join us, we’re providing a link to the recording.