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Posted: July 13, 2011 by chrisbagley in F3 Technologies, FargoTube, Uncategorized
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Sherrié Austin has raised more than $3,000 for her forthcoming album, “Circus Girl,” through FargoTube’s Jump Start crowd-funding tool.

Austin launched the fundraiser in mid-June, with the goal of raising $15,000. Crowd-funding is useful for unsigned artists because it’s an alternative to the traditional label-centric model, in which a record label funds an album’s production, keeps most of the sales proceeds, and often owns the rights to the music in perpetuity.

Beyond that, the combination of Jump Start and FargoTube allows Austin’s fans to participate in the production and release of her music and in other aspects of her career. Austin’s Jump Start campaign allows them to contribute at varying levels, from $5 to $2,000. Fans who contribute that amount can spend a day in Nashville with Sherrié as their tour-guide, a brand-new autographed guitar, a Skyped living room concert premiering songs from “Circus Girl,” an autographed t-shirt, a mention in the CD’s liner notes, and a range of other schwag.

FargoTube is now advertising a gig on Gig Launch: A band can pay $5 for a shot at winning a free custom-designed tube on FargoTube. We’ll chose five winners from among the bands that throw their name and their five-spot into the hat.

This is a cool promotion that introduces FargoTube to more Gig Launch users and, via this blog post and a link on FargoTube, also introduces Gig Launch to more Fargotube users.

You may remember our February announcement about our partnership.  Gig Launch is an Australian online booking agency that helps bands land performance gigs: A venue posts a gig, or a concert or festival with multiple gigs, and bands compete to win the spot(s) by submitting their recordings. The FargoTube gig works in a similar way:  A band pays $5 to throw its name in the hat, Gig Launch and F3 split the revenue from the entry fees, and FargoTube gets some great new musical talent. The custom tube is a $300 value over the first year.