About F3 Technologies

F3 Technologies, Inc. is an Atlanta-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development company and application service provider that offers innovative on-demand web solutions. F3’s three flagship products are FargoTube™, Interaction™ Community Systems, and the Interactive Defense System™.

FargoTube™ (www.fargotube.com) is a direct-to-fan online platform for music and video distribution and social networking. It’s free to musicians, record labels, filmmakers and other content owners, allowing them to upload their music and videos, build a fan site, sell merchandise and connect with their fans through a central service.

Interaction™ (www.interactioncs.com) is full-service on-demand software for property management companies, homeowner associations, church communities, and other community associations. It simplifies the management processes of accounting, polling, maintenance, reserving and using facilities, networking socially with neighbors, and communicating through announcements, e-mail and message boards.

The Interactive Defense System™ (www.interactivedefense.com), which F3 owns and operates in partnership with NobleHeroes, Inc., helps police and other municipal agencies strengthen and streamline their communication with citizens in their shared efforts to prevent and prosecute crime.

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