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First of all, I would like to personally thank all of you for your continued support and input as we work to expand the F3 product lines and customer base. On a regular basis, emails are received from you providing us insight into new market opportunities or product ideas and while not everyone will not pan out the information is extremely beneficial to our team. Please keep the information flowing.

Secondly, as we work to build and nurture our sales & marketing organization I would like to share with you some of the strategies and activities underway that will help us drive revenue and build value for you.

Interaction Community System (ICS) – the ICS system is a great social networking tool, which continues to experience strong demand across HOA’s, Churches and Property Management companies.  We continue to innovate with this product to deliver new and exciting features that will enhance our ability to market to a broader range of member associations. We also understand that this is a volume business, which can drive a steady recurring revenue stream over time. In light, the team is currently working on automated enrollment tools, which will allow associations to register and build a social network/community without the involvement of F3 resources. This automation feature will allow us to focus more energy on marketing and less on direct selling. In addition, we are exploring partnerships with several national Ad networks to enhance our ability to generate revenues through the solution.

Interactive Defense System (IDS) – the new company continues to work diligently towards securing the first city contract. The team has talked to more than a dozen cities over the past 3 months with several of the opportunities leading to 2 or more meetings with various city departments / officials. Our initial launch and marketing focus is concentrated in the geographic region surrounding the Atlanta area, as our goal is to demonstrate the benefits of communication between public safety departments. In addition, through discussions with the cities we have found there is an opportunity to broaden the relationship by leveraging current ICS functionality to address needs of Public Works, Community Development, Parks and Recreation and Code Enforcement. We are also in early stage discussions with companies that offer complimentary services to expand and enhance our offering to the cities and we look forward to finalizing details of these relationships over the next few months.

FargoTube – as you know the company is working very hard to launch this newest generation of online video entertainment. While the team focuses on finalizing the product functionality, the sales and marketing activities are in full swing. We have engaged a marketing firm to assist us with several elements of the initial rollout, signed an alliance agreement with a partner connected to the Hip-hop and R&B space as well as working towards a second agreement, which will bring connections from Northern California. Additionally, the team has identified numerous market opportunities, which will be the initial market focus with the goal of securing video content as quickly as possible.

Sales Team – the team continues to work a very robust sales pipeline for the ICS product and we recently added a new sales representative located in Austin, TX to assist us. Our new sales representative will focus on the ICS Church market as well as FargoTube when launched.  Additionally, we are working to expand the sales organization further by adding a resource to assist our West Coast activities.

I continue to be encouraged by the tremendous progress the team is making during these early stages of growth and look forward to an exciting year ahead as we bring the Interactive Defense and FargoTube products to market.

Thank you again for your continued support and please feel free to contact me at or (770) 521-8930 with any questions or comments.


With the tremendous market adoption of social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, why are cities not using tools to interact with their residents to improve and enhance the communication in areas in which we live?

Well they are starting too! “According to a recent survey conducted by the Public Technology Institute (PTI), PTI asked city and county government IT professionals to what extent they were using social media now and planned to do so in the very near future. Nearly 72% replied that they were using or would be using Twitter; 72% said they were or would be developing their own Facebook page; and 75% are using or beginning to use RSS feeds. In addition, a whopping 43% have dabbled with blogs.”

This trend is highly encouraging as cities begin to see the value of improving the lines of communication and using social media to create a safer community (see also – Virtual Neighborhood Watch: How Social Media is Making Cities Safer –

However, from Public Safety, to Public Works and Code Enforcement, cities are constantly interacting with their residents across a broad range of topics without a consistent approach or standard. Just some examples that all of us face today are:

• Have you sent in a request for a pothole repair and feel it falls into a black hole?

• Do you know the public safety department of most cities will perform a home watch?

• Want to improve the neighborhood or town and have seen something that violates city ordinance, but do not want to get involved?

These are some of the most common questions asked when we speak with cities on how Interactive Defense can help redefine how they interact with residents. So how do we solve these problems?

With Interactive Defense System, this innovative and groundbreaking, 2-way communication system allows officials of any city department to interact with each other, with surrounding municipalities as well as directly with their citizens. This revolutionary internet communication system enables city department to effectively and immediately convey relevant information between all concerned parties allowing for heightened awareness, vigilance and a faster call to action. In addition, by implementing the anonymous violation reporting, maintenance request management & work order assignment capabilities as well as the facility and reservation management tools cities can consolidate activities, which are spread across many departments to create greater accountability. Furthermore, cities can monitor the messageboard to identify trends and send out surveys to gain a clearer understanding on what people are thinking about. This insight provides government officials the necessary tools to respond to issues instead of reacting to problems.

While social media is a great mechanism to improve communication and the safety of a community, our focus with Interactive Defense is to take the next step by solving the critical needs across professional networking, social networking and the internal workflow needs of a city.

We ended up meeting with 3 cities on Tuesday and the discussons were very productive. We are now working to setup discussions with key stakeholders in the coming weeks.

Interactive Defense activities continue to move swiftly. Our sales pipeline is expanding, new functionality is being added (Crime Map), we are working to expand our sales initiatives to include regional representatives and we have two meetings scheduled for Tuesday 2/23 (one of which is a second meeting).  Keeping us very busy!