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In this linked video, F3 Technologies, Inc.’s officers give a range of updates on F3 the company, on its individual software platforms — including expanded revenue models — and even on a new product that we aim to roll out in the next few months, Website Tournament. We look forward to posting more videos like these occasionally. Please feel free to share them via e-mail, social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and especially via your own channel on FargoTube.

We and several of our partners in the indie music industry are gearing up for a series of monthly contests for the musicians who play Open Mic Mondays at Eddie’s Attic, the iconic acoustic music venue near Atlanta. Many of last week’s open mic performances are already up at; the new contests are aimed at getting 100 percent artist participation and encouraging even more fans onto the platform.

This is our first initiative with strategic partners to bring both new artists and new buyers to FargoTube. Like other initiatives to follow, it highlights the ecosystem we’re creating for artists, an entire range of do-it-yourself tools that help them accelerate their careers in terms of popularity and profitability.

In the contests with “The Attic,” we’re selecting three monthly winners from the artists whose Monday-night performances are on FargoTube, based on the total number of views each artist receives. Approximately 20 new artists play each week during the Monday-night shows. They range from talented local amateurs to professional musicians with multiple albums and regular touring schedules.

Each month, each of the three top artists at will receive one of the following prizes:

  • One day of recording time at Bonnie Blue Studios in Sharpsville, Georgia. (Artists retain the master copies of their recordings.)
  • A two-hour consultation with career consultant Dennis Kurtz, of Showgun Entertainment. Kurtz has more than 20 years of experience as a jazz musician, agent and talent buyer. He has worked with Cake, Backstreet Boys and Travis Tritt.
  • A free subscription to Music2Q, a unique agency that specializes and pitching and licensing tracks to film, television and video game producers.

We’ve built out FargoTube’s partnerships substantially over the last few months, creating a full array of services for indie artists and increasing FargoTube’s visibility among tens of thousands of bands already using those partners.  We look forward to sharing success with all of them in the coming years, and to sharing the news of that success with you.