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We’ve broadened FargoTube’s latest marketing push, with a campaign launching in the last few hours on Google. The latest ads run on Google’s AdWords platform, appearing alongside the results of certain keyword searches.

The ads include analytics, which will help us get some idea of what kinds of users are clicking through to FargoTube’s and F3’s websites.

We expect the ads to reach several million people, as does a FargoTube ad now running on Facebook. We’re planning for similar ads to run on MySpace. This campaign coincides with several other company efforts to introduce FargoTube to more artists — the key partners who supply it with video content — and to begin introducing it to large numbers of the end users who provide its revenue.

For content owners, FargoTube is a powerful online platform for monetizing video and other content, particularly for artists with niches in particular subgenres or particular regions of the country. For users, FargoTube is a fun and easy way to follow beloved musicians and filmmakers, to learn via video tutorial, and to enjoy a wide variety of other video and entertainment. The search terms we selected for the Facebook and Google ads reflect all of this.

First advisory board meeting

Posted: August 20, 2010 by chrisbagley in F3 Technologies, Uncategorized
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The inaugural meeting of our advisory board went really well yesterday.

It was easy to see why Tom Shen, the board’s first member, has come so far in the software industry. He gave us feedback on everything from big-picture topics to fine details of sales tactics, as we hoped he would. Through Tom’s contacts across a number of industry’s we look forward to meeting people in several key fields that we’ll need as we refine our online solutions and expand our customer base.

We’re aiming to hold the board’s second meeting in November. By that point, we aim to have identified a second board member from the entertainment industry. We’ll tap additional board members for their expertise and contacts in the industries served by our online platforms, in contrast to Tom, whom we chose for his savvy and success in software as a whole. I’m looking forward to see the ideas that arise once Tom and the industry insiders put their heads together with Frank, Paul and Stephanie.