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Paul Campbell, COO

Posted: July 26, 2010 by chrisbagley in F3 Technologies, Uncategorized
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If you’ve been following F3’s progress, you probably already know that Paul Campbell has taken on a number of new duties since coming on board in August. A few minutes ago, we put out a press release about those duties and about his promotion to chief operating officer, but I’ll sum up here.

Paul started with F3 as executive vice president and national sales manager. In the last few months, he successfully arranged affiliate relationships for our new FargoTube online entertainment distribution platform and our jointly owned Interactive Defense public-safety communication platform. Affiliate agreements like these are vital because the two services rely on affiliates as a primary means to acquire paying customers.

“Paul’s addition to the team has greatly enhanced the company’s ability to succeed through greater efficiency and tighter relationships with our vital partners in all business lines,” CEO Frank Connor told me last week.

Frank isn’t kidding about the tighter relationships. Paul has spent three or four days of each of the last few months in Nashville, where we’re developing a cluster of users for FargoTube, and he’s there again today. Most other days, he’s zipping around the Atlanta area to meet with prospects, including a large client we’ve signed for Interactive Defense.

Paul has also begun to expand F3’s sales and marketing efforts, for example by hiring me to manage social-media marketing and help out with our overall information strategy.

A bit more information from the release: Paul has 22 years of senior-level experience in the banking and software industries. He was the general manager of the commercial-banking group at Digital Insight, an Intuit, Inc. company.