Updates on updates to FargoTube and Interaction Community Systems

Posted: September 21, 2010 by chrisbagley in F3 Technologies, FargoTube, Interaction Community Systems, Uncategorized
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An F3 investor asked me whether we’ve finished streamlining the processes of creating a community on Interaction Community Systems and uploading content to FargoTube.  The answer is “no,” but we’re getting close, and we expect both updates to go live in mid-October.

The gist of the Interaction update is that homeowners associations, property managers, churches and other membership-based groups can set up their online communities without having to call us. A community representative enters its information — including members’ names, addresses, and e-mail addresses — and can start using Interaction almost immediately. The representative also provides credit-card information, though we don’t charge during an initial 30-day trial period.

The new process will save us staff time, and we believe most clients will find it much more convenient, though they’re still welcome to call us if and when they need assistance.

The FargoTube update goes beyond the streamlining of content acquisition, but I’ll discuss only that one aspect here and now:

The new interface will walk the content owner through the process step by step. It will focus on the content, rather than the social network built around that content. Content owners will still have the option to create social networks — known as “fan sites” — around their content, either immediately or later, and we strongly encourage that because it helps to make FargoTube a unique experience for fans. But we also want to keep the content owner from feeling overwhelmed at the beginning.

The site’s new organization will also encourage users to check out videos that they might not have discovered otherwise, for example by displaying links to the fan sites of artists in the same genre as what the user has been viewing.

In the meantime, a new module to go live within a few days will allow content owners to set up online stores to sell t-shirts, coffee mugs and other paraphernalia.

  1. joe says:

    I have not seen any ICS sites go online lately (0 in September). Has the pipeline dried? Like to know the interest level for this product.

    • chrisbagley says:

      Thanks for the question, Joe. Our ICS pipeline remains strong. We have been working with property management companies, particularly larger ones, that can bring more communities to Interaction instead of one sale at a time. We also expect the pending automation of ICS to speed the acquisition of subscribers.

  2. Bryan says:

    Chris, have their been any communities that have signed up for ICS this month?

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Chris can you find out how many more shares is the company selling and when will it stop? Dilution is killing the stock price and shareholder moral!!!!

  4. Jeffrey says:

    What’s the purpose of a blog if you have a major lunch meetings and no tidbits of information to the blogers??

  5. chrisbagley says:

    Thanks for the question, Jeffrey. I’m working on a post about the summit right now.

    Yesterday’s lunch wasn’t a meeting per se, or a panel discussion that we led. F3 was a co-sponsor, which entailed a half-page advertisement in the program, our name printed on the program’s schedule for Wednesday, and a banner hung in the hall where everyone was lunching.

  6. chrisbagley says:

    In other words, Paul and Stephanie have been making connections throughout the summit. The sponsorship of yesterday’s lunch supports our efforts that day and through the rest of the week.