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This is from our partners at Ditto Music, one of the top online music distributors in the market. It highlights one of FargoTube’s key strengths: Not only is FargoTube itself fun for fans and profitable for artists — its partnership with Ditto Music helps artists get into wide distribution quickly and easily.

Comparing digital music distributors Ditto Music, CD Baby, Tunecore, and ReverbNation

To sell music online in stores like iTunes, Amazon and Spotify has never been easier. There are several digital distribution companies out there who offer different services for unsigned artists. So we thought we would review the  market and list some feedback to our users.

Which digital music distribution companies are best?

Which distributor gets my music online quickest?

How much is the yearly fee for Tunecore / CDbaby / Ditto Music and Reverb Nation?

And loads more questions, answered here. So lets look at the top four digital distribution companies.

loads more questions, answered here. So lets look at the top four digital distribution companies.

We partner with Ditto Music on projects so have a good grasp of their services. With free barcodes and no percentages taken from sales Ditto Music come in MUCH cheaper than Cd baby or Tunecore or Reverbnation. The yearly subscription fee is $22 which and with more stores and a lower pricing, its better value than Tunecore. You can also distribute your music to iTunes free of charge, so worth testing out just for that.
Ditto were famous for having 11 top 40 singles and provide a host of label services as well as just distribution. These incude chart eligibility, label set up, SMS pre ordering and many more.

At $60 per year Reverbnation are one of the more expensive distributors. They do have a $40 per year option which covers less stores. The site states 40 online stores but when you whittle these down it’s less. iTunes has been counted 5 times and sites like Media net have been split up into individual stores to make it look like a wider reach. We make it around 21 stores in total.
Reverb Nation are good people and have some great social media tools. Its worth checking them out.

CD baby come in cheaper than Tunecore. Their pricing does seem dated though compared to other offerings. Paying a percentage of royalties seems archaic after the demise of physical sales. When sending physical copies to stores to promote, you can understand why stores take a percentage. Online, its harder to justify taking 9% of someone’s earnings, AFTER delivering their online content. CDbaby also charge for barcodes, and it isn’t cheap. It adds another $20 to your album.

Tunecore recently increased their yearly subscription , which prompted a lot of criticism. $50 per year does seem quite steep to hold music on a server. Tunecore’s model was built on not taking a percentage of artists royalties. It feels like $50 a year from each artist could be a massive percentage. If artists  earn $100 from one album, then they will pay out $50 so lose 50% of earnings. Its a lot of money. Tunecore distribute to 19 stores. This doesn’t sound too bad but for some reason they still count iTunes as 7 stores. Distributors only pay once to distribute content to iTunes, its still unclear why they break it up into 7 transactions.

We are happy to say that Ditto Music came in as the best option for digital music distribution.

To set up a free account with Ditto Music , click here

Exciting news, folks! FargoTube surpassed the 2,000-subscriber mark earlier today. It took only about 5 months for the second thousand to come in, compared to about 12 months for the first thousand.

FargoTube reached 1,000 subscribers in about 12 months, and 2,000 subscribers just 5 months later

The faster growth has come from several important partners, including Ditto Music, a premier online meta-distribution service; the tube that Eddie’s Attic set up for its Open Mic Mondays competitions; and country musician Sherrié Austin, who is launching her next album using FargoTube’s crowd-funding capabilities. Thank you to the three of them and all our other partners, and to all the artists who are monetizing their talents through FargoTube!

In this linked video, F3 Technologies, Inc.’s officers give a range of updates on F3 the company, on its individual software platforms — including expanded revenue models — and even on a new product that we aim to roll out in the next few months, Website Tournament. We look forward to posting more videos like these occasionally. Please feel free to share them via e-mail, social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and especially via your own channel on FargoTube.

FargoTube’s relationship with Ditto Music is developing and taking shape very nicely, as evidenced by Ditto Music’s new website, which we designed, and which went live last week.

The website is exciting for a couple of very important reasons. First, it’s the next step in the integration of FargoTube with Ditto Music’s metadistribution service. Tracks uploaded to Ditto are getting onto FargoTube in about 24 hours. Ditto gets huge numbers of new tracks every day, so we’re looking forward to a lot of new music and new artists on FargoTube in the coming weeks.

The uploading process is pretty simple for both sites, which makes them both a dream come true for musicians who are handling the business end of their own careers. It takes about 10 minutes to sign up for Ditto and upload a track. My colleague uploaded one Friday afternoon and it was live on FargoTube by Saturday afternoon. Voila!

The second big thing is that Ditto’s new site shows the degree of personalization and customization that FargoTube offers. We’ve emphasized repeatedly that FargoTube is not just another online music store. It’s a platform for creating a social network, a fan site, and a fully developed custom website, all of which turn great music into financially sustainable careers. We’ve also demonstrated that with the websites we’ve developed and launched in recent months for Coles Whalen, the Swon Brothers, Anthony Snape and several other artists, but the Ditto site reaches more musicians in a single fell swoop.

Those websites are available at a range of different levels of customization, sophistication and price points, as we first discussed in January. Musicians and other artists can create their fan sites within FargoTube — or “tubes,” as we also call them — on a completely free basis, using customization tools available on For $24.95 a month, an artist can choose a similar format but with custom page design.  A fully customized tube with multiple pages and an online store is $249.95 a month. That range of services — from a sleek, customized and free direct-sales channel to a competitively priced, fully developed website — is a really big deal for artists, for their fans, and for F3 Technologies and its shareholders.

On a separate but related note, it sounds like our services and our partnership with Ditto are creating ever more buzz in Nashville, “Music City, USA,” where Ditto recently opened its North American office and where a large number of FargoTube users are based. Ditto’s new website and its integration with FargoTube can only fan that buzz and continue translating the buzz into growing amounts of music for fans, growing numbers of fans for musicians, and growing numbers of paying subscribers for musicians and FargoTube. FargoTube’s subscriber count hit 800 last weekend and is closing in on 900.

Stay tuned for more. It’s definitely coming.

FargoTube has added users and subscribers at a quickening pace since its launch last summer. Growth has accelerated particularly strongly since early last week, when we completed and launched for Ditto Music, a popular metadistribution service with offices in Liverpool, U.K.; and Nashville.

This chart shows FargoTube‘s growth since early December:

As we mentioned in a press release last week, is integrated with, which means we’re getting a substantial portion of the songs flooding onto Ditto. Moreover, that flood is growing and we’re aiming to increase the percentage of Ditto users who also use FargoTube.

We’re also confident that latest artists joining FargoTube will serve as effective word-of-mouth advertising as other artists have, particularly once fans and other artists see the custom websites and custom video/music tubes that we can develop for them.