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FargoTube is reaping the benefits of the Southeast Urban Music Conference, which came together last week in Atlanta. B-Rock and Kwan are in the process of bringing a dozen artists on board, and Frank is creating personalized tubes for several of them. One is Atlanta rapper Jemiah Jai, shown below with Kwan. Another is Gina Hadley, an SUMC featured performer from Miami whose rock-n-soul style draws from R&B, reggae, calypso, salsa, rock, country, and jazz.

Kwan and Jemiah Jai

We’ll probably get others beyond those additional ten or 12. About 50 people came to B-Rock’s and Kwan’s panel — mostly musicians, along with several producers and independent-label executives. One of the people they met was a distributor who may end up getting independent films onto FargoTube.

Separately, B-Rock told me he and Kwan have been talking with a comedian who has appeared on Black Entertainment Television. We’ll definitely let you know if we get him onto FargoTube.

Last but not least, B-Rock and Kwan have been getting really positive feedback on the new logos and branding that we plan to introduce for FargoTube in the next few months. That’s likely to create a lot of additional buzz that will bring even more artists onto the platform. Right now, we’re at 1,716 and counting!

We and several of our partners in the indie music industry are gearing up for a series of monthly contests for the musicians who play Open Mic Mondays at Eddie’s Attic, the iconic acoustic music venue near Atlanta. Many of last week’s open mic performances are already up at; the new contests are aimed at getting 100 percent artist participation and encouraging even more fans onto the platform.

This is our first initiative with strategic partners to bring both new artists and new buyers to FargoTube. Like other initiatives to follow, it highlights the ecosystem we’re creating for artists, an entire range of do-it-yourself tools that help them accelerate their careers in terms of popularity and profitability.

In the contests with “The Attic,” we’re selecting three monthly winners from the artists whose Monday-night performances are on FargoTube, based on the total number of views each artist receives. Approximately 20 new artists play each week during the Monday-night shows. They range from talented local amateurs to professional musicians with multiple albums and regular touring schedules.

Each month, each of the three top artists at will receive one of the following prizes:

  • One day of recording time at Bonnie Blue Studios in Sharpsville, Georgia. (Artists retain the master copies of their recordings.)
  • A two-hour consultation with career consultant Dennis Kurtz, of Showgun Entertainment. Kurtz has more than 20 years of experience as a jazz musician, agent and talent buyer. He has worked with Cake, Backstreet Boys and Travis Tritt.
  • A free subscription to Music2Q, a unique agency that specializes and pitching and licensing tracks to film, television and video game producers.

We’ve built out FargoTube’s partnerships substantially over the last few months, creating a full array of services for indie artists and increasing FargoTube’s visibility among tens of thousands of bands already using those partners.  We look forward to sharing success with all of them in the coming years, and to sharing the news of that success with you.

Up into the Attic

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We’re continuing to upload music to the Eddie’s Attic fan site on FargoTube. As we announced earlier in the week, Eddie’s Attic is now using FargoTube to sell recordings from weekly performances and as a fan site.

Eddie’s Attic is a highly respected venue for musicians. It’s relatively small and intimate, which makes it especially good in a region that has more than its share of acoustic and folk musicians, and plenty of singer-songwriters. It has played an early role in the success of several well known musicians, including Sugarland and John Mayer.

We expect the weekly uploads to be popular among fans who miss a Monday and have to download, and among audience members who want recordings of their favorite tracks from the evening.  Moreover, the relationship will introduce FargoTube to  hundreds of the South’s best unsigned musicians, who represent a key market for us.

The music continues next week when we upload the music from Monday night’s performance. Stay tuned.

Interactive Defense’s updated, overhauled website is now live at

The site includes several new pages with additional information about IDS, and will eventually include a demonstration video in Flash and possibly interfaces that will be modeled on those used by our customers — police officers and city residents.

A couple of weeks ago, the service signed its first major customer, a forward-thinking and influential police department in the metro-Atlanta area. We’ll make a more formal announcement in conjunction with the city in the next couple of weeks when the city is ready to launch its own multimedia awareness campaign.

Meanwhile, we’re moving forward in discussions with public-safety agencies in several other sizable cities. The overhauled website is part of the next phase: making it easier for new client cities to adopt IDS in a smoother, more automated fashion that won’t require extensive visits to the cities, as the first few rollouts are requiring.

Interactive Defense System is a groundbreaking platform for city residents and police officers to communicate with one another. It allows police to put out immediate text- and e-mail alerts on missing children, criminal suspects and dangerous situations. It allows residents to share crime tips more directly with officers and with each other, request officer assistance, and notify police when their homes will be vacant due to moves or vacation.

Interactive Defense, LLC, is a joint venture of F3 Technologies, Inc., and Noble Heroes, Inc. IDS is a specialized version of F3’s Interaction Community Systems networking solution for homeowners associations and other member groups. Several common features and the ability to connect the two platforms translate into sales synergy: When city governments and public-safety agencies adopt IDS, residents in those cities get a look at what Interaction can do for their homeowners associations and realize how easy it is to adopt Interaction.

IDS includes two unique virtual networks: Safety Center for community members and HeroSpace for municipal employees. The Safety Center allows police and residents to trade up-to-the-minute information on important safety issues. HeroSpace is a professional network for firefighters, police officers and other municipal employees that fosters interdepartmental collaboration and the efficient use of time and resources.

A police department can invite residents to join its Interactive Defense network using contact information that other municipal departments already have on file. In most cases, residents and municipal employees will be able to access Interactive Defense through one or more of the city’s existing websites.