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Just following up on yesterday’s press release about hip-hop choreographer and dance instructor Kelly Peters, who recently signed on to use FargoTube to sell his videos and stay in touch with fans.

Kelly’s been in the business for a while, and his first instructional video, “Make it Happen,” has sold more than 15,000 copies. It has been among’s 10 best-selling “dance and DJ” videos for most of the last couple of weeks (fifth when I wrote the press release, #4 last night, and now #8). Kelly’s working on several new videos that will probably be comparable in length to his first one, about an hour.

For us at F3, and probably for Kelly himself, the coolest thing is that FargoTube enables him to start making money on different kinds of videos. He’s been interviewing innovators and stars in various fields of dance — including Rhapsody, Luam and Mr. Wiggles — and offering the interviews free of charge as downloadable podcasts. He recently interviewed an early pioneer of one hip-hop subgenre — I’m dying to tell you who it is, but can’t until it’s uploaded. That’s one of the first videos he plans to upload to his tube, some time in the next few days.