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Kwan Straughn (left) and Baron "B-Rock" Agee

Friday was a fun and exciting day at the F3 office. We welcomed Baron “B-Rock” Agee and Kwan Straughn to the F3 team. They’ll be leading FargoTube’s expansion in urban music — particularly here in Atlanta, whose hip-hop scene has come to rival New York’s and L.A.’s in the last few years. Kwan and B-Rock are based here.

B-Rock was part of the hip-hop act B-Rock and The Bizz that put the single “Mybabydaddy” at the top of the charts in 1997 and the phrase “my baby daddy” into popular lingo. But his and Kwan’s experience in the music business goes far beyond that, as detailed in our press release on Friday. They’ll be introducing FargoTube to the hundreds of other musicians, producers and managers they’ve worked with in their 20-plus-year careers.

As you probably know, FargoTube has artists in all genres, with an especially strong concentration of country musicians. So I’m thinking about setting up sort of a friendly in-house competition: By this time next year, will FargoTube more country musicians? or more hip-hop musicians?