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F3’s trip to Austin for the South by Southwest festivals was quite productive and successful.

Our goals in attending were to make contacts in the film and music industries in our ongoing push for new strategic partnerships for FargoTube, to create interest among bands, labels, artist managers and filmmakers who will use the platform, and to learn more about their needs. We exceeded our goals, and we expect several of the relationships to bear fruit over the coming months as FargoTube gains partnerships, entertainment content and subscribers.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the festivals was the film component. As you probably realize, the bulk of FargoTube’s artists and users are in the music space, and the SXSW Film Festival, in the early part of last week, was our first major opportunity to introduce FargoTube to filmmakers and get their feedback. We talked with several dozen filmmakers in documentary, short-form and serials, including many whose emphasis on social-media marketing makes FargoTube an ideal platform. In the course of our conversations with filmmakers, we discovered that a couple of FargoTube’s capabilities are even more important than we had realized, and we intend to focus more of our marketing efforts on these features.

We met with quite a few entertainment-industry companies that are potential partners in fields ranging from music distribution and management to order fulfillment to manufacturers of branded merchandise. Conversations with many of these are continuing this week and beyond.

Lastly, we continued to learn more about the music industry, both in individual conversations with industry people and in the 10 or so discussion panels we attended. One of the most interesting for me was a panel on pricing strategies, which covered loss leaders and cash cows, single-track versus EPs versus full-length albums, and discussion of how ticket sales and music sales can drive one another. Another panel focused on the changing role of managers in a world where artists are expected to handle their own online social networking.

All in all, it was a very successful week, and we’ll look forward to telling you about the relationships that grow out of it as they come to fruition.