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Posted: June 30, 2011 by chrisbagley in F3 Technologies, FargoTube, Uncategorized
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FargoTube is reaping the benefits of the Southeast Urban Music Conference, which came together last week in Atlanta. B-Rock and Kwan are in the process of bringing a dozen artists on board, and Frank is creating personalized tubes for several of them. One is Atlanta rapper Jemiah Jai, shown below with Kwan. Another is Gina Hadley, an SUMC featured performer from Miami whose rock-n-soul style draws from R&B, reggae, calypso, salsa, rock, country, and jazz.

Kwan and Jemiah Jai

We’ll probably get others beyond those additional ten or 12. About 50 people came to B-Rock’s and Kwan’s panel — mostly musicians, along with several producers and independent-label executives. One of the people they met was a distributor who may end up getting independent films onto FargoTube.

Separately, B-Rock told me he and Kwan have been talking with a comedian who has appeared on Black Entertainment Television. We’ll definitely let you know if we get him onto FargoTube.

Last but not least, B-Rock and Kwan have been getting really positive feedback on the new logos and branding that we plan to introduce for FargoTube in the next few months. That’s likely to create a lot of additional buzz that will bring even more artists onto the platform. Right now, we’re at 1,716 and counting!

  1. jerry sloan says:

    It looks like Fargo Tube is going to a more urban look with the robot like logo. While it is a good to attract a new genre of music, how do you feel the country music artists will react to this change as they are a more traditional group.

    • chrisbagley says:

      As far as I know, the new design has gotten positive feedback from everyone who has seen it. It’s hard for me to imagine it alienating artists from country or any other particular genre.

  2. Dan says:

    Have Clarkston, GA and Pratt, WV gone live on IDS yet? Thanks.

    • chrisbagley says:

      Hi Dan, Thank you very much for your question. I’ll see if I can get an answer for you Wednesday. Off the top of my head, I can only say that we usually don’t provide this level of operational detail immediately. You may have to wait for the next quarterly update, which should be in about three weeks.