Bellwether week for online video

Posted: February 4, 2011 by chrisbagley in F3 Technologies, FargoTube, Uncategorized
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It was a big week in the world of online video, particularly among the biggest players. Amazon began posting information on new features it’s planning to add to its video-on-demand service, including a subscription plan. Netflix said it’s planning new features in conjunction with Facebook. And Hulu, a studio-backed site offering a limited range of television shows free of charge, said nearly 1 million people had registered for its relatively new subscription service.

All of this strikes me as clear evidence that more people are spending more and more time watching videos online, and want to integrate this viewing into the rest of their daily routines, which also include more time spent online.

It also reinforces our confidence that our FargoTube online video/music platform will continue to grow and thrive because FargoTube is an online video provider like these large media companies. FargoTube has an especially promising future because of its more extensive interactivity, which is aimed at independent musicians, video producers and their fans.

For me, the week’s most interesting piece of news was from NetFlix. The company, which dominates the U.S. DVD-by-mail market and has become one of the nation’s largest services for streaming Hollywood movies, hasn’t given much detail about the integration with Facebook, but I’m guessing it includes the ability to post movie ratings and comments to users’ Facebook pages, which NetFlix dialed back and then eliminated last year. It was a great feature and I hope it comes back, although it didn’t give users special access to artists the way FargoTube does.

A common thread in the news about these large online media services since last year is that they seem to be moving more and more aggressively onto each others’ turf. That makes me wonder whether any one of them will maintain the uniqueness it needs to retain customers, or whether price competition might hurt one or more of them.

In contrast, FargoTube’s unique format, the social networks centered on its entertainment content – and the resulting digital marketplace experience – are features that aren’t available anywhere else. As using the Internet and enjoying entertainment media become more and more synonymous, FargoTube is right at the intersection of creativity, commerce and fun.


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