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F3 Technologies’ blog now has a list of links to the most important blogs that I follow. Normally, you’ll have to scroll down a little bit and keep your eye on the left side of the page. I’ve appended the current version of the list to the bottom of this post.

While I try to call attention to trends and services that are relevant to F3’s specialized social networks, you may find these other blogs to be useful sources of information for yourself, too.

I’m very grateful for suggestions on any other blogs!

  1. Dan says:

    This was posted on another board and I thought that you all might want to look in to it, if you were not already aware of the problem. I tried it from the Fargotube links on the F3 Technologies website and also got the error message instead of Fargotube.

    “There seems to be some a problem with accessing FargoTube via a third-party (if that is the proper term) link. For example, if you Google “FargoTube” and then click on the link that Google provides, you get an error statement. Similar for trying via the link in wallymac’s post.

    However, if you type “” directly into your browser it comes right up. Then, if you exit out of FargoTube and go back and try a third-party link, it will work. That is, until you close your browser and then third-party links again do not work.

    Rainmanoregon said he was going to tell the company about this issue, but I don’t know if he’s had a chance to do so or if they just have not gotten around to fixing it yet.”

    • chrisbagley says:

      One or two other people have had similar issues; however, I have never had that issue, and am not even able to replicate it. I will forward your comment along to our CEO Frank Connor. Thank you for letting us know.

    • chrisbagley says:

      Hi again, Dan,

      Frank said we are aware of the problem and will be doing an FT update in the next few days, which should resolve the issue.

      Thanks again,