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Posted: December 27, 2010 by chrisbagley in F3 Technologies, FargoTube, Uncategorized
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Sony’s jump into cloud-based music has created quite a lot of buzz in the past week. Its new Music Unlimited service has launched in the UK and a half-dozen other European countries; Sony plans to launch it in the U.S. in 2011.

It includes music from Sony/BMG and at least three other major record labels, which I believe makes it the largest service to challenge Apple’s iTunes. But the concept appears to be more similar to Pandora. It selects songs for an individual user based on feedback that user has given in the past, presumably in multiple channels created by that user.

What strikes me about iTunes and Music Unlimited is that our FargoTube service is like a blend of the two, albeit for now on a smaller scale, and with a couple of unique features of its own. (All three offer both music and videos).

The most basic difference between Sony’s and Apple’s services is that Music Unlimited streams its content, while iTunes’ content is available for download. Various tech bloggers have cast Sony’s challenge as a bet that the streaming format will eventually beat out the download format, in which listeners own the tracks they select.

FargoTube, in contrast to both of those services, lets independent artists offer their entertainment in either or both formats. In most cases, FargoTube users therefore can determine the format that best suits their viewing/listening preferences. All of this ensures that all artists’ presence on FargoTube will remain strong even if one format wanes in the film or music industry as a whole.

The early (and perhaps premature) verdict on Music Unlimited seems to be that it won’t displace iTunes. Readers at Engadget were particularly harsh on Sony.

The good news for FargoTube is that major players in the industry are not only beginning to accept that streaming and subscription services are viable, but they are now implementing solutions in the market. FargoTube is positioned to help independent artists jump on the bandwagon!


  1. Dan says:

    That’s great…but where’s all the music? On November 4, F3 announced that Severe Records would be making FargoTube their primary distribution outlet for their 31 artists, yet, to date, there is only music from 9 or 10 of those artists. And on December 9, F3 announced a partnership with Ditto Music that “went into effect last month” whereby FargoTube would be “gaining 20000 music tracks immediately” but, to date, nothing. So, again, where’s all the music?

    • joe delaney says:

      I’m in interested in hearing the reply to Dan’s question. Thanks.

    • chrisbagley says:

      Hi Dan,

      Thank you very much for your questions.

      In contrast to music and video uploads, which FargoTube handles automatically after content owners fill out basic information and click a few times, we’re providing most Severe musicians with FargoTube fan sites. That requires a bit more input from the musicians and a lot more effort on our part.

      We immediately gained the legal right to use those 20,000 tracks. Uploading them to the system requires legwork and time. We anticipate having them all online within a few weeks. The tracks that Ditto’s clients upload going forward will go on FargoTube more expeditiously.


      • joe delaney says:

        Thanks for the answer. i think what your are doing for Severe while it requires a lot more effort is the way to go. I have seen how effective this has been for Coles Whalen. I also feel that getting CJ on board is a big accomplishment.

        What F3 is doing is quiet remarkable for such a small company. F3 has to be the most underappreciated company trading on the pink sheets as nothing your do positively affects the stock price. Keep up the good work and hopefully people will soon realize what a gem this little company is.

  2. chrisbagley says:

    Thank you very much for the plaudits. We believe we’re heading in the right direction and we hope and expect this to translate into shareholder value in the foreseeable future.

    Thanks also for your comments on our project for Severe. We do recognize, however, that not all content owners want the customized presence on FargoTube that Severe is getting. We’re offering four or five different levels of service with a corresponding number of price structures because we feel that sort of flexible approach will be the most useful for our partners and because of its revenue potential for us. We will put out more information on the pricing strategy it develops.