Conference call

Posted: December 7, 2010 by chrisbagley in F3 Technologies, FargoTube, Interactive Defense, Uncategorized

I’m looking forward to our conference call tomorrow afternoon, which we announced earlier this morning. If you’re an F3 shareholder, a potential F3 shareholder, or a fan of independent musicians or films, I hope you’ll dial in.

We plan to give investors more thorough answers to FargoTube– and IDS-related questions that we’ve been answering in a limited and piecemeal fashion up until now. We’ll give you an idea of the total revenue we expect to generate in the current quarter (Q4) and the next quarter (Q1). By “total,” I mean the sum of our various business lines  — FargoTube, web-development contracts related to FargoTube, Interaction Community Systems, and F3’s stake in Interactive Defense, LLC.

Best of all, we’ve got some fairly important news about FargoTube.

If you can’t join us tomorrow, don’t worry: A recording of the call will be available by telephone and possibly in one additional form.

Details are in our press release, and I hope to update this post within a couple of hours to give you additional details about how the archived call can be accessed.


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