Interactive Defense System aids police in securing fugitives

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Dunwoody Police tell us that the Interactive Defense System has helped them locate and arrest two fugitives who are suspects in recent crimes.

More than 1,300 households, roughly 10 percent of Dunwoody’s total, have registered themselves as users on IDS since the department launched it in early October. Two suspects were taken into custody after their pictures appeared on the system and in local television news reports about the department’s use of IDS.

An Atlanta-area woman suspected of counterfeiting surrendered to authorities last week after an acquaintance saw her picture and a “wanted” notice on Dunwoody’s IDS network.

Separately, a 20-year-old male fugitive turned himself in after a local television news station showed an image of him as it appeared on IDS. Authorities had issued arrest warrants for the man in connection with two burglaries.

“These two cases are clear evidence of Interactive Defense’s power to help citizens and city agencies work together in a successful fight against crime,” said Paul Campbell, chief operating officer for F3 Technologies, Inc., which co-owns Interactive Defense, LLC, in a joint venture with Noble Heroes, Inc. “Real-life incidents like these demonstrate the system’s capabilities for the numerous other public-safety agencies now seeking to harness the power of social networks.”

IDS helps Dunwoody police officers to stay in closer contact with local residents and businesses. It allows police to give community residents immediate notification of missing children and criminal suspects who pose a threat. It allows users to share crime tips more directly with officers and with each other, request officer assistance, notify officers when their homes will be vacant due to moves or vacation, and register vehicles and other valuables for easier identification in the event of theft.

“Interactive Defense is part of our strategy to fight crime on all fronts,” Dunwoody Police Officer William Furman said. “It’s crucial to our goal of keeping citizens involved in community policing, and they love it.”

IDS is a specialized version of F3’s Interaction Community Systems networking solution for homeowners associations and other member groups. One IDS module, the Safety Center, is for both officers and residents. A second, HeroSpace, is for officers and other municipal employees.

In the Safety Center, a feature unique to IDS, police and residents can trade up-to-the-minute information on important safety issues. Another feature, HeroSpace, is a professional network for firefighters, police officers and other municipal employees that helps improve departmental efficiency, improve collaboration with residents, and limit environmental impact by reducing the need for paper documents.

Furman said officers from a much larger metro-Atlanta law-enforcement agency recently contacted Dunwoody to explore the possibility of adopting IDS.

“Other law-enforcement agencies are considering Interactive Defense for the same reasons that led Dunwoody Police to adopt it,” Campbell said. “They want to engage citizens by providing a more personal experience, for example by communicating directly and immediately with citizens in targeted areas, by giving access to officers’ background information, by allowing citizens to communicate directly with specific officers. They want to improve residents’ confidence in police service. And they want to provide their officers with a professional networking solution.”

  1. joshg2000 says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am guessing that Dunwoody is using this service for free at the moment? But lets say that their free trial runs out and the number of citizens signed up stays the same (roughly 1300). What kind of revenue will IDS bring in for Dunwoody? This is a relatively small town and would expect larger numbers from larger cities.

    Thank you,

    • Steve Haag says:


      Although I am not at liberty to divulge specific business strategies and cost structures for both competitive and disclosure reasons, you are correct to assume that the level of utilization, i.e., size in population, would certainly correlate positively with revenue.

      We are at an exciting time, as the technology has only been deployed for several weeks, but has already been instrumental in the incarceration of two fugitives.

      The word is quickly getting around in police and municipal circles, our sales team is encouraged by these rapid developments, and I believe general acceptance within the public safety community positions IDS as THE platform for citizen involvement.

      Feel free to write to any time you have the need,

      Best regards,

      –Steve Haag, M.Ed.
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