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A few tidbits about “Venice: the Series” that I’ve discovered since putting out this press release this morning:

Readers of just voted it the #2 independent soap opera last week, behind “The Bay.” “Venice has been in the poll’s top three for 11 weeks running. I’m not a soap opera aficionado, but I suspect it’ll be in the top three again this week, thanks to the steamy scene at the end of yesterday’s episode, which had Coles Whalen’s song “Hurricane” pulsing in the background.

The version that appeared yesterday sounded a bit like a dance/trance remix. I assumed that the original was closer to country music since that’s Coles’ genre, more or less. But this other version that Coles posted has a similar vibe — well outside of country music’s mainstream, even by Coles’ eclectic standards. The two tracks have gotten about 360 hits on FargoTube.

Also, I just saw that Olivia Spencer, the “Guiding Light” character played by Crystal Chappell from 1999 to September 2009, was lesbian. That surely had something to do with her roles as co-creator and star of “Venice.” Interesting and impressive, because Gina is married to a man and they have two children. Her hubby, Michael Sabatino, plays the hotel mogul Alan Anders in “Venice.”

My other discovery, unfortunately, is that our press release misidentified one of the characters. As this correction notes, her name is Lara Miller, not Gina Brogno.

The press release we put out this morning misidentifies one of the characters in the web soap opera “Venice.” The scene where Coles Whalen’s song appeared involved Lara Miller and Ani Martin, not Gina Brogno and Ani Martin. We apologize to everyone at “Venice” for our error.

As the release notes, Gina is the main character in the drama, which is webcast Wednesdays at 3 p.m. Eastern Time.

Furthermore, a clarification: The press release noted that Coles and her label, Strange Records, have both been on FargoTube since its launch. However, Coles herself — not Strange — financed production of the initial batch of music she uploaded.

Also, check out this post about “Venice” and yesterday’s episode.