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Posted: November 4, 2010 by chrisbagley in F3 Technologies, Interactive Defense
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The Interactive Defense System has been getting some great media coverage for following our October 5 announcement that the Dunwoody (Georgia) Police Department has installed it and invited residents to join. As you may know, IDS is a communications platform for citizens, cities and public-safety agencies. More than 1,200 Dunwoody residents have signed on to its IDS network, thanks in part to the TV reports.

Screen capture of CBS-Atlanta interviewing Dunwoody Police Chief Billy Grogan

CBS-Atlanta affiliate aired a segment on an afternoon broadcast in mid-October that focussed, somewhat strangely, on a resident’s concerns about giving her address to police. From what I understand, the station followed up at 6 p.m. or 11 p.m. with a more positive spin, which apparently answers the questions that the first broadcast set up.

We were especially thrilled at the two-minute segment that WSB-TV, Atlanta’s ABC affiliate, aired last week. It presented a fairly thorough summary of IDS’s functions and interviews with police officers and a Dunwoody resident who has been active on the system.

And 11 Alive, Atlanta’s NBC affiliate, aired its own report on Dunwoody Police and IDS last night at 11 p.m.–shorter than the others, but positive. It included a nice explanation of IDS’s Filing Cabinet feature.

A big thank-you to all three stations and to Dunwoody residents and police!

This post was updated with a link to 11 Alive’s report after the report aired.

  1. joe delaney says:

    Great to hear about the publicity. What is the interest level from other cities adopting this product?

  2. joe says:

    What is the interest level from other cities for this product?

    • Joe – Thank you for your question.

      Following the release of Interactive Defense to the City of Dunwoody in early October, we have seen a very positive response not only from the residents of Dunwoody, but other cities and counties around Georgia as well as across the country. Our strategy is 3-fold: 1) Continue to work with all sales prospects, utilize media coverage to drive awareness and market our product through referral channels as we work to build momentum; 2) Initiate advertising campaigns and efforts to drive revenue from the City of Dunwoody; and 3) identify and work with distribution partners to expand our reach.

      Paul Campbell, Chief Operating Officer
      F3 Technologies, Inc.

  3. James says:

    we were able to get some idea of how many residents signed up from various sources in the first couple weeks, now that its been a month can you give us some idea as to how many have signed up?

    • chrisbagley says:

      At least 1,200 Dunwoody residents had signed up for Interactive Defense as of late October. We’ll check to see what that has meant in terms of new customers for Interactive Community Systems and then get back to you. It may or may not be something that we’re able to disclose.

      • James says:

        i remember one of the news clips mentioned about 1400, i think it was aired latter part of Oct. are these sign ups based on individual resident or household. do you know what percentage of the population (or household) signed up would be considered a ‘success’ by the folks at Dunwoody?

  4. chrisbagley says:

    Hi James,

    Thank you for the questions. I believe 1,200 is the number of households, which would be roughly 10 percent of the city’s total households. I’ll pass all of your questions along to Steve Haag, our IR guru, and ask him to post whatever details we’re able to disclose.


    • James says:

      1200 households makes it much stronger than 1200 residents, and this is back in Oct. I believe any time you get 10% viewership, that’s pretty strong ratings. keep up the good work, please update sign ups as much as you can as i think this will help f3’s share price when investors see the strong interest not just from households but other communities, this in turn will make ids a success.

      • chrisbagley says:

        I just spoke to Dunwoody PD. It’s 1,280 households. That’s about 10 percent of the city’s population, based on 3 people per household, which I believe is the rule of thumb.