Putting the “Next” in “Next Big Nashville”

Posted: October 1, 2010 by chrisbagley in F3 Technologies, FargoTube, Uncategorized
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COO Paul Campbell and SVP of Business Development Stephanie Miller are in Nashville from Tuesday evening through Saturday, rubbing elbows at the Next Big Nashville summit and signing up new musicians and record labels for our FargoTube video and entertainment service. They’ve had meetings nearly back to back from breakfast into the evening.

“Obviously, we’ve had a lot of chances to meet with a lot of people,” Paul said.

F3’s co-sponsorship of lunch on opening day is helping those efforts.

The summit has focused heavily on technology, and particularly distribution and sales technology in the same spirit as FargoTube. Labels are seeking to replace — and to exceed, in some cases — revenue from dwindling CD sales.

“It was a validation of a lot of what we do,” Paul said. “A lot of labels and musicians who are here are building individual solutions, but not a comprehensive solution like FargoTube.”

In that context, it looks like Paul and Stephanie have been able to make an impact. One musician and one music-promotion organization created FargoTube presences for themselves while still at the conference. I’m still trying to get those details. We expect many more to set up on FargoTube over the next couple of weeks, with the service beginning to generate appreciable revenue in the quarter that started today.

On the same note, I just noticed that Kelly Peters, a dance instructor with followers across the nation and particularly in the northeast, has begun to upload videos to his fan site on FargoTube.

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Hello , hello is there anybody out there, echo ,echo. This blog is dead like the share price. What’s it going to take to drum up interest and support of this stock, it’s been in a downward spiral the last 1.5 years because of the never ending supply of shares issued by management!!

    • chrisbagley says:

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thank you for your interest. You can follow us at http://twitter.com/f3technologies for smaller incremental updates, mixed with articles on the industries where F3 is active.


    • smallcapss says:


      Thanks for livening-up the blog!

      I have been retained by the company to perform investor and media relations.

      I just returned from NextBigNashville with the F3 sales team. What I saw was a real eye-opener – FargoTube is NOT just a site to sell MP3s and Videos. FargoTube solves and or enables many of the most difficult distribution, bundling, merchandising, and royalty collection issues including piracy, etc., that artists have monetizing their rich libraries of artistic works. The industry is trying to revive itself, and everyone needs help: new, old, independent and signed artists alike.

      I’ll post a brief on my experiences there soon; but, in the meantime, anything to do with FTCH and its securities or regulatory functions, please feel free to contact me directly at (832) 413-6206 or f3@smallcapss.com.

      I truly enjoy talking about F3 with our company’s owners – please contact me anytime as needed.

      Best regards,

      –Steve Haag, M.Ed.
      investor relations

      SmallCap Support Services
      Houston, TX 77077

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