Music City meetings

Posted: August 13, 2010 by chrisbagley in F3 Technologies, FargoTube, Uncategorized
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A quick word on our sales team’s trip to Nashville this week. Wednesday was full of meetings with new partners and prospective partners for FargoTube, our video- and entertainment-based social network.

Paul and Stephanie met with a video-based marketing agency with an eye on publicity for FargoTube. This is the second or third agency they’ve met, and we’re planning to engage one or more of them in the coming months as we expand our focus: So far, we’ve focused on encouraging content owners to create “tubes” on FargoTube and post their videos there. We’ve signed a half-dozen, and expect one or two dozen in the next couple of months. In a sense, they advertise FargoTube by bringing their fan bases with them. But as FargoTube’s pool of content grows, we’ll start advertising it directly to prospective FargoTube subscribers, who’ll arrive not knowing in advance which artists’ content they’ll purchase.

Paul and Stephanie also met with a musician and a record-label owner who have signed on to FargoTube in the last couple of months and are laying out their tubes.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Paul has begun working on an arrangement with a nonprofit group that promotes Nashville’s music scene and helps musicians to set up shop there. That relationship could be especially fruitful because FargoTube is an especially powerful tool for musicians with niche or regional followings.


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