Archive for August 4, 2010

You may have noticed that two of our three main services are getting major updates this month, first FargoTube and thenĀ Interaction Community Systems. Both of these updates, plus several pieces of news we plan to announce via press releaseĀ in the next two weeks, are specifically designed to drive faster growth for our services.

Up to now, and probably for the next couple of months, our business-development team has put a lot of effort into recruiting new partners, particularly for FargoTube and Interactive Defense because they are groundbreaking services that require a lot of explanation.

The focus of the each of the two updates has been to streamline the registration process for new partners (client communities in the case of Interaction and Interactive Defense and revenue-sharing partners in the case of FargoTube). The updates will make it easier for F3 to bring on larger numbers of customers and revenue partners with each passing week, while requiring the company to spend less staff time acquiring each individual customer or revenue partner.

At the same time, we’re launching a three-pronged marketing campaign, with paid targeted advertising buys on Google, Facebook and MySpace. Those ads could go live as soon as Monday. More details on the campaign once it’s underway.