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This post from MoneyTalksNews made me think seriously about nixing my own cable television service, and wonder how long the cable industry will survive in its present form. The post included plenty of interesting insights about the industry, but it was basically a how-too guide for finding free video entertainment.

One key point: You no longer need cable access to get prime-time shows in high definition, thanks to rules that went into effect last summer. So viewers now have incentive to go back to advertising-supported television, except that off-the-shelf digital recorders can skip the ads for them. The post also gives pointers on the other hardware for catching and viewing HD signals.

Enjoy it while it lasts, folks. Studios won’t keep producing indefinitely for no payback — not on television and not on the Web. They’ll eventually restrict their programs to paying subscribers. Some are already doing so: Witness the advent of Hulu Plus, a $10/month version of the Hulu free television site, earlier this month. Expressing disappointment with Hulu’s ad sales, the media conglomerates that co-own it have been pushing it for a subscription version for a year or more. This looks like a validation of FargoTube and any other subscription-based models.

In contrast, television producers and cable networks that keep offering free online content will almost certainly find that the decision comes back to haunt them.


Website now live

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F3 Technologies’s updated website is now live!

We’ve changed its layouts and color scheme to make it more user-friendly. It also includes updated, clearer and more detailed descriptions of our online services, which are all evolving rapidly, and of our team members, who are growing in number. Please check it out and tell us what you think.

The site reflects particularly swift evolution in our FargoTube online video service, and in Interactive Defense System, the online platform for communication between citizens and public-safety agencies that we’ve developed in a joint venture. We’ve signed key affiliate agreements for both services in the last month, which in both cases is a major step in building subscriber bases. We expect all the websites to grow in importance as our services grow because we expect to acquire more customers online, rather than relying primarily on time-intensive face-to-face meetings.

IDS itself has an updated website, as you may have noticed. Keep your eyes peeled for new features on FargoTube and Interaction Community Systems, our well established social-networking and self-management service for homeowners associations.