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I was checking out comedy skits on FargoTube’s competition — YouTube — yesterday, when I noticed something surprising: A Republican National Congressional Committee ad popped up on a video spoofing Sarah Palin. The RNCC was asking for donations with the tag line “Don’t let Obama and The Left win.”

People who crack up after watching “Sarah Palin” wondering aloud who the first president of the U.S. was — do they really want to see RNCC ads on their screens? And what about people willing to fork over $25 to $30,000? How many of them are happy to see a sliver of their donation going to a website that hosts anti-Palin videos?

The dilemma crops up a lot less often for viewers on FargoTube. Owners can monetize their video content entirely via subscriptions, or choose to allow ads when they believe viewers will tolerate or enjoy them.

As with YouTube,’s primary revenue stream is advertising, albeit video advertising similar to what’s on traditional television. While some financial analysts cheered the launch of a subscription version of Hulu earlier this week, others predicted that the continued ads would repel would-be subscribers.

And of course you may have heard about iOmega’s “Burn, Baby, Burn” ad, which someone appears to have screen-captured alongside an article about a toddler dying in a house fire. I don’t know if it ever happened to appear that way, or if someone got a little crazy with PhotoShop. Either way, it was a public-relations disaster for both iOmega and for the news organization.