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A recent IBISWorld research report on the music publishing industry included plenty of reasons to be optimistic about FargoTube and other online entertainment services. IBISWorld expects overall revenue growth in music industries to accelerate to an average annual rate of 3.4 percent between now and 2015, with the strongest growth concentrated in music publishing. The rap on traditional media companies such as newspapers and recording studios is that the internet is killing them off, but IBIS says that’s not entirely true. Artists and entertainment companies that embrace new business models are likely to grow substantially, IBIS says. Musicians who can popularize themselves through concerts, digital downloads and online social networks can go on to reap big profits. IBIS predicted that licensing fees associated with advertisements will be one of several revenue streams that grows for musicians. 

Musicians and independent record labels represent only one of several markets that FargoTube will begin to target in the next few days, but its other markets are somewhat similar. The internet has put the film industry in a predicament similar to that of the music industry, albeit a less severe one.

In any case, the numerous musicians and indie labels who have exploited online channels for their music are starting to exploit FargoTube in the same way for their video content. And as the internet plays a role in the growth of more musicians, we believe more of them will turn to FargoTube.