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The best listening tour ever

Posted: June 14, 2010 by f3technologies in F3 Technologies, FargoTube

F3’s management team had a great trip to Nashville last week, where it was demonstrating FargoTube, and getting musicians’ feedback about it. The Country Music Television Awards were Wednesday night – bringing along with it the 2010 CMA Fan Fair – and we got to stomp along indie singer/songwriters, including several with the Strange Celebrity independent label. 

Here’s our director of business development, Stephanie Miller (right), with Strange Celebrity President Kendall Bard (left) and musician Sherrie Austin (center). Stephanie’s in charge of forging new relationships with musicians, labels and other content owners. FargoTube is free for them: They upload their music and videos to our website and then split the fees that fans pay for views and downloads. 

FargoTube went live with a customer pilot in late May and we are working closely with various record labels and artists to upload their video content. We plan to ramp up our marketing efforts for FargoTube in a few weeks when we begin making contact with viewers, who will pay for video views, subscriptions, and downloads. 

Here’s a nice pic of Stephanie with Bridgette Tatum, who likes her cowboys dirty: Check out Bridgette’s website. It’s got a lot of her music and a featured video. Most of it is free, which is great for her fans. But we would also to see talented musicians like her to profit more directly. Ultimately, we think that will be good for fans, too, because it will support musicians and other creative types so they can put more of their music and videos in the hands of their fans.