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Posted: February 5, 2010 by f3technologies in F3 Technologies

Welcome to the new F3 Technologies blog.  On behalf of myself and the rest of the F3 Technologies team we wish to thank you for your continued interest in the company and its products and stock price.  The team here is HARD at work progressing the company’s latest innovations and we hope to use this tool to give you an inside view into what goes on at F3 on a daily/weekly basis.  Leave your comments, engage in discussions, and help us build what we believe to be a great venture.

Frank Connor

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  1. Dan Duttry says:

    Great idea, guys! Excited to see F3 find multiple ways to communicate with customers and investors!

  2. Matt says:

    Glad to see the blog up and running. Just another way to keep us investors informed…we appreciate the continued transparency!! Very much looking forward to the future of F3…looking back a year, we have truly made some huge strides. Keep up the good work and we all prosper!!

  3. James says:

    Great idea, being able to communicate directly with management and fellow share holders.

    I noticed the stock price made a very quick jump when the IDS was announced, looked like somebody was caught off guard when the news came out. What is the revenue potential for IDS, how does the company make money from this?

    • The Interactive Defense System is sold on a per household basis to cities and other municipalities and seeks to capture on government contracts. A strategic decision (for competitive reasons) has been made not to disclose the per household cost. Currently we’re presenting to 5 separate municipalities. The potential revenue for EACH of these contracts is over $100,000 annual.

      • James says:

        I greatly appreciate your prompt and informative reply.

        I’ve been accumulating shares the last few weeks, its usually when I read something positive from or about the company that I add (my way of supporting the company). I intend to keep adding shares if the company can progress the way I hope it can, as I still have ways to go yet before I’m fully invested.

      • Thanks for the support James. We’re doing what we can to drive revenue and bring value to the company. We’ll blog about upcoming events and launches soon.

  4. Rob says:

    Can you guys give us any more info on how the talks are going? I know in January you said you had schduled follow up talks with more desicion makers.

    Also, will we be able to see the new Fargotube any time soon?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • We had a follow up scheduled for the 12th with our first city although that might get postponed a bit. In the meantime we have our second city presentation tomorrow and some additional city presentations in the weeks to come and a conference on the 20th. FargoTube 2.0 is coming very soon. It’s our top priority right now. We feel it will be our greatest revenue generator in 2010 if we are able to hit the market right. There’s lots to talk about with FargoTube that we will do at the time of launch. We’re in the testing phase of FargoTube right now. Much more to come.

      • Han says:

        I hope the presentation on Feb 10th went well and the follow up today is going well too. Keep us update. It was refreshing to see how stock price went up so fast the other day. Unfortunately it came back down as fast.

  5. Bryan Cassidy says:

    Has F-3 been able to make any progress yet in Texas? I gave Paul some names of some potential communities in Houston, but that’s about all I can do. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to seeing FargoTube 2.0 and the Ascend products.

  6. Jose Deraney says:

    We have not heard anything recently on the relationship with Paymenting. What is happening there?

  7. Bryan Cassidy says:

    Anything new?

  8. Jeffrey Ray says:

    Can you give us a status report on what’s new , it’s been quiet too long the natives are getting restless. LOL

  9. david says:

    nice blog. any reason you haven’t had pink sheet status updated to current yet? i really want to buy more stock from this company but need to have some thinngs like this addressed first…
    how did you guys make out in l.a. with fargo tube?

    • Hi David. We’re still working on this. There are some minor adjustements they have required from us. We are working on those minor adjustments and will re-upload the initial disclosure statement in the very near future.

      • Hi Jeffrey. Lots going on as usual. We have a big tradeshow this Tuesday in Atlanta. We’ll be updating the public on our sales through February sometime in early March. FargoTube is in the very final stages. We’ll start blogging about the strategy behind this new launch very soon. Sorry about the quiet nature lately. Rest assured when things are quiet it’s not from investor neglect. Just a lot of people busy trying accomplish our goals so we can talk about a lot more later.

  10. Bryan says:

    Any update on the current status filing with pinksheets?

    • Hi Bryan. We are in the process of uploading our 2009 annual report. Our legal representatives are also coming out to our office next week for the purposes of validating our company and annual report information. If their due diligence yields positive results, they will write an opinion letter on our behalf which we will then submit to PinkSheets to finalize our current status. Please let me know if you have any additional questions on the matter.

  11. Hi Jacque. Please let me know any questions you might have that you feel we are not answering. We’ll be sure to respond in short order.

  12. James says:

    I noticed that your 2009 Annual Report just came out, F3 has 5 full time employees and have 4 main product lines – Ascend, ICS, IDS and Fargotube. All of the products are in late stage product development or early stages of marketing to the public. They all have huge potential, but I also see all four requiring many man hours for development and marketing. With the size of our staff, is this company capable of handling all four lines, or should I be asking do we have enough resources to give each product line the attention required to make it a success?

    Can you tell me which product is your primay focus at the moment, how much of the resources available is concentrated (%) on this product and why is this the primary focus?


    • Hi James. Thank you for your message. We’re very much in tune with your concerns as it’s been a topic of much debate around here as well. Over the next 6 months we will be focusing the majority of our sales and support efforts on Interaction/IDS (same product, different customer type), and FargoTube. Through our IDS relationship with NobleHeroes, we have an additional team of 5 individuals from NobleHeroes that we rely heavily on for those marketing and support services. The company is still on task to have an early Q2 FargoTube launch. Marketing and sales efforts for FargoTube have already begun.

      The priority level for the company right now is 1. launching FargoTube and 2. continued sales and support efforts for Interaction/IDS. The decision to make this the priority levels is based mostly on each product’s revenue potential, maturity level, and existing customer base. We will be launching a packaged version of Ascend over the next 6 months, but most of it’s sales will come through an automated version of the website.

      • James says:

        Thank you for your reply. Based on what I’v read, it did sound like you are putting much effort in Forgot Tube, and from your reply to my question on the revenue potential for IDS earlier, I am glad you to hear that you are continuing to pursue the IDS market.

  13. Jacque says:

    Thank you for being more responsive in answering the questions investors are posting. Looking at the 2009 numbers, albeit a transitional year, the product sales look miniscule. What concerns me is the amount of dilution that will have to take place to ensure enough working capital for operations. In 2009, expenses were 500k while revenues from Product Sales were only 15k. Do you think revenues from operations going forward will cover expenses or some type of capital raising will have to take place.



  14. James says:

    Nice to see the recent developments with Fargo Tube and IDS, looks like the team is working very hard and hopefully we all get rewarded with strong pps moves.

    A suggestion, I was watching 60 Minutes today and there was a very interesting story on marketing of dead celebraties, i.e. Elvis, Einstein, M Jackson…maybe Fargo can play a role? If you have time, please take a look at the program.